Non Profit Business Committee

The Non Profit committee helps foster relationships, educate and provide opportunities to network, share ideas and explore partnerships and services and form collaborative relationships with for-profit chamber members for the benefit of both.

Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month virtually via Zoom beginning at 8:00 am.

The Mission of the Non Profit Business Committee:
The Non Profit Business Committee is dedicated to providing opportunities for non profit businesses to network and form collaborative relationships with for-profit chamber members.

Benefits to Being a Part of the Non Profit Committee:
1. Increase awareness and knowledge in the business community of the nonprofit’s issue and services.
2. Opportunity to recruit agency volunteers, including Board members, and to create one-time volunteer help days.
3. Increase brand recognition as a known and trusted community resource. Bolster marketing efforts and increase exposure.
4. Attract in-kind donations (i.e. printing, furniture, file cabinets) and pro bono services (i.e. advertising, legal rep, advice) When a business knows what you need, they are better able to help.
5. Expand donor base through exposure to businesses and employees.
6. Enhance your brand in the eyes of potential supporters. The 2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study reported that “79 percent of shoppers would donate to a charity supported by a trusted business.”

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